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Newsletter 97 May 2018

Posted on May 9, 2018 by Tony Kelly

Newsletter 97 May 2018


Saturday, 18th August (SVH)
SGS Summer Show including WW1 display of memorabilia – free entry

Monday, 17th September (SVH)
An Evening with Christoph Bull - The Kaiser’s War - £5.00 entry fee from 7:00pm – inc tea/coffee & biscuits

Sunday, 21st October (SVH)
Afternoon Tea with WW1 display of memorabilia – donations to Royal British Legion gratefully received from

Thursday, 8th November (Church)
Another Evening with Christoph – The Only One that Got Away - £5.00 entry fee from 7:00pm inc tea/coffee
& biscuits

Sunday, 11th November (Church) Service of Remembrance

St Nicholas Church will feature a poppy cascade from the Tower and we would like you to get involved
by coming along to Southfleet Village Hall on afternoons commencing July from 2:00-4:00pm to attach
poppies. This will be a social occasion and will include refreshments just pop in and attach as many or as
few as you wish. We would also be looking for help to display the crafted poppies from mid-October and
would appreciate you getting involved – please give contact details to Gerry Read, Caprice, Red Street or

DID YOU KNOW that eight million horses and countless mules and donkeys died in the First World War.
They were used to transport ammunition and supplies to the front and many died, not only from the horrors
of shellfire but also in terrible weather and appalling conditions. Dogs and Pigeons were also used both
showing indomitable courage and supreme loyalty to their handlers. Poppies in purple have been made to
recognise their sacrifice too and we are going to remember the animals by erecting our very own wooden
horse which will graze the grounds of the hall – we want the children to give the horse a name. Enter today
at the May Fair or please visit our stall at the SGS on Saturday, 18th August alternatively contact Gerry


Dartford Council say that as a consequence of the fire last weekend, the Pepperhill tip is closed for the
present, but that an alternative tip is available at Rochester Way, Dartford Heath, for residents. Please bear
in mind that only people who live in Kent can use the Dartford Heath tip for free. For anyone else it is £10 per
visit. It’s a bit unclear to SPRA whether you need to show a Dartford permit but if you live in other parts of
Kent you need to bring proof of address to use the Dartford Heath tip. So it might be sensible to take some
proof of address for the time being.

Amey, their waste contractors, are having to take the waste they collect to a number of different tips in
Maidstone, Swanley and Crayford. They are using extra crews and vehicles as they try to catch up, but the
extra travel time incurred will cause serious disruption to collection schedules and it is very likely that delays
will occur. Garden waste collections are however on schedule and recycling collections are running about
one fifth of a day behind, as the alternative tips for them are closer. Dartford point out that this is a very
difficult time for Amey operationally and they very much appreciate the support of all residents.

Waste and recycling tips are provided by Kent County Council - details are at KCC have
said that the Pepperhill Centre will be closed for at least two weeks.

In May 2018 there are new regulations on how Data Protection is regulated (GDPR- General Data Protection
Regulations) and we would like to confirm our policy to you in order to re-assure you that Southfleet Parish
Residents’ Association is compliant with the new regulations.
Our policy is:

Processing of Data
The data received from Members will consist only of their name and address and will be held by the
Chairman only and not shared with any other body nor outside body. Members have the right to amend their
details at any time or remove them by informing the Chairman. Request for personal data information will be

The Chairman can be contacted on:

You can obtain general guidance on data protection at: and more
specific information at:

Members might like to cast their eyes over these:

Reference 18/00494/COU
Alternative Reference
Application Received Fri 13 Apr 2018
Application Validated Tue 17 Apr 2018
Address Land Adjacent Green Barn Highcross Road Southfleet Kent
Proposal Change of use from stable to light industry (Use Class B1c)
Status Awaiting decision
Reference 18/00427/LDC
Alternative Reference
Application Received Thu 29 Mar 2018
Application Validated Thu 19 Apr 2018
Address Old West Barn Westwood Farm Highcross Road Southfleet Kent DA13 9PH
Proposal Application for a Lawful Development Certificate for existing use of land as a caravan site
Reference 18/00264/LDC
Alternative Reference
Application Received Thu 01 Mar 2018
Application Validated Thu 01 Mar 2018
Address Opposite Old West Barn Westwood Farm Highcross Road Southfleet DA13 9PH
Proposal Application for a Lawful Development Certificate for storage and distribution of ironmongery and
building supplies with ancillary vehicle repair workshop

The AGM of Southfleet Resident Association will be held on Tuesday 8th May at Sedley School at 8pm
and Jeremy Kite is able to attend.

The government is seeking views on the effectiveness of powers for dealing with unauthorised development
and encampments. This consultation asks a series of questions relating to powers for dealing with
unauthorised development and encampments, including:
 local authority and police powers
 court processes
 planning enforcement
 the provision of authorised sites
 the impacts on the travelling community

For more information, see:

The consultation closes at 11:45pm on 15 June 2018



How often used we see some fine old house ruined and buried in suburbia and its great gardens lost to
roads and houses. We would sigh and think “Anyone who could afford to run that old place now could afford
to live somewhere better”. But the landscape of Southfleet has seen a change in recent years, with some
remarkable mansion houses appearing along the southern portion of New Barn Road. They join other
mansions, on the Southfleet Station site, at the end of Brakefield Road and in Shellbank Lane. These
developments should surely be welcomed, as they show confidence that Southfleet has a continuing future
as a village in a country setting.

In fact a great many new houses, though smaller ones, are being built in Southfleet these days. In some
places they replace an old farmyard, such as at The Vale on Hook Green Road. Elsewhere they replace an
old building, such as the Black Lion and Colyers Arms public houses. Occasionally, one or two new houses
appear on spare pieces of garden land. So far, all goes well. The new buildings are more attractive than their
20th century predecessors and most of them are not too crowded together. We suggest our new houses are
assets to the village.

It could be otherwise. Thamesmead and Kings’s Hill have not yet come to Southfleet, but many people outside
the village would be only too happy if they did. “Build over the Greenbelt” is the catchphrase for many.
But what do you think? Do you think it is reasonable to keep the village an attractive place just because we
want it to be? It’s a difficult argument.


The title is no longer appropriate as Paramount have withdrawn from the project. The idea of an exciting new
world on our doorsteps recedes a little further into the future. We have no insight into the financial viability
of the project, but access to the site for visitors is obviously key and it is hard to forget the daily reports of
delays and traffic jams on the M25, A2 and A20 and at the Dartford Crossings.

It will be very understandable if backers are waiting for traffic volumes on existing roads to stabilise, for
the new Thames Crossing to be in place – and for the UK to be clearly inside, or outside, the European
Community. So don’t hold your breath!


If you wonder what Prepworld is, it is the successor to the fruit packing enterprise that Matthew Gedney set
up a few years ago and it is located in Southfleet village somewhat out of sight behind Court Lodge Farm and
St Nicholas’ churchyard.

Six representatives from different organisations in Southfleet were recently invited to tour the premises and
we were all very impressed. The great problem for Prepworld is that their whole product is prepacked and
ready-to-eat fruit. As their intention is that consumers should be able to eat fruit direct from the packaging
the product must not only be attractive but also perfectly washed and prepared. No washing or preparation
will be done after it has left the factory, so Prepworld must do it all beforehand.

Their factory has very thorough and strict hygiene procedures. We gained the impression that the Prepworld
is probably more hygienic than most hospital operating theatres. They are also keen to be good neighbours
in the village and were receptive to our suggestions for improvements. They were very aware of the
difficulties presented by their wholesale customers’ lorries passing through our lanes, such as at Station
Road. We hope that Prepworld will be with us for many years to come.

If anyone has any problems or questions regarding the newsletter, please feel free to phone Michael Breton
on 07860 256751


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Newsletter 97 May 2018
Newsletter 97 May 2018

May 9, 2018 by Tony Kelly

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